Our CASH points


Our approach

A balanced cash network takes into account where people live and work, where they use cash (shopping centres, bars, restaurants, …) and how they move around (public transport, car, bicycle, on foot, …).

The new Batopin CASH points are installed in places people feel intuitively as the “right” spot to withdraw or deposit cash. In other words, the right number of ATMs at the right places, deliberately disconnected from ban branches to be located where people need cash.

Our CASH points

On 31 March 2023, the federal government signed an agreement with the whole of the finance sector, represented by Febelfin, regarding access to cash in Belgium. This means that the new network of ATMs by Batopin will be extended in some locations. The rollout of the network will be gradual and is accompanied by changes (e.g. screens, kiosks, locations, ...) that require adjustments. Batopin wishes to accompany and inform users in these changes and to support them to the maximum with the necessary communication.

Our aim by the end of 2025 is to offer a balanced network of CASH points which takes into account where people live, work, use cash and how they are getting around.

950 CASH points
2500 ATMs
by the end of 2025.

35% active
13% locations assigned
52% searching locations
35% of our CASH points are already active and in use, while an additional 13% have been assigned a suitable location and are currently being installed. In other words, 48% of our network has now been deployed, with the rest scheduled for completion by the end of 2025.
Last updated on 26/09/2023. Be sure to check back regularly to follow the progress of our project.

Our locations

The map below provides an overview of the current status of the network.
As soon as new locations are known, they will be added to the map.


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