Smarter access to cash

A new network of bank neutral ATMs in Belgium

Less cash, not cashless

Digital payments are well and truly on the rise. Especially in the case of contactless card and smartphone payments. But that doesn’t mean we are headed for a 100% cashless society. On the contrary, cash remains an important tool for many people to manage their personal finance. And it is what we all fall back on when the technology fails us. In other words, cash has far from lost its age-old reason for being!


Cash in Belgium today

The use of cash has been in steady decline in Belgium for some time now. So much so that the current network of ATMs has become suboptimal. On the one hand, there is an over-supply in certain areas. While on the other, the geographical spread of ATMs has failed to evolve with new forms of living, working, shopping and mobility.


Batopin, a smarter network

A balanced cash network takes into account where people live and work, where they use cash (shopping centres, bars, restaurants, …) and how they move around (public transport, car, bicycle, on foot, …). 
The new Batopin CASH points will be installed in places people would intuitively feel as the “right” spot to withdraw or deposit cash. In other words, the right number of ATMs at the right places.


Our commitment

Easily accessible cash dispensers, evenly distributed throughout the country, in places where citizens really need them.

These new neutral ATMs are called "Bancontact CASH points". The expression "withdrawing money from the Bancontact" is in the minds and daily language of the Belgians. So, the choice was logical and obvious!

The first Bancontact CASH points were opened on 22 September 2021. This new network will be fully deployed by the end of 2024.

Ons engagement
Ons engagement

Cash 2025

To optimize Belgium’s ATM network, it is important for all stakeholders, including the government, to join forces. Which is why Batopin is launching 'Cash 2025', a forum where all concerned stakeholders are invited to exchange ideas around the same common goal: create an optimal cash network in Belgium by the end of 2024.

visual cash2025 homepage
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